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LIMITED TIME OFFER: All patients will receive Free 2 pack Electric Toothbrushes on their first visit. Available while supplies last.

Conifer Adult Teeth Cleaning

Adult Teeth Cleaning

Routine cleaning for patients with healthy gums. Removal of all plaque, tarter and stain buildup above and below the gum line with a thorough and gentle procedures.

Conifer Child Teeth Cleaning

Child Teeth Cleaning

Routine cleaning for children 13 years and younger. Removal of all plaque, tarter and stain buildup above and below the gum line with a thorough and gentle procedures.

Conifer Teeth Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Varnish Treatment

The varnish fluoride treatment is a gel that is coated on the teeth and once it gets wet from the saliva it turns into a thick coating that is to remain on the teeth for 4 to 6 hours. You can eat and drink with the varnish on your teeth but asked to stay away from real hot liquids and alcohol. After the 4 to 6 hours just brush your teeth to remove the varnish. The Varnish is the most absorbable fluoride and is great for cavity prevention by strengthening the enamel and roots of our teeth by making the enamel and root surfaces a harder surface making it harder for the decaying bacteria to invade the tooth structure

Conifer Dental X-Rays


Radiographic exposure and interpretation. Full mouth and routine x-rays. Full Mouth X-ray $88. 4 Bite Wing X-rays $42. 2 Bite Wing X-rays $28.

Conifer Dental Scaling & Planing

Scaling & Root Planing

A non- surgical treatment for moderate to advanced gum disease with the use of no needle anesthesia to remove all plaque, stain and tarter buildup and root smoothing for optimal gum tissue healing with inflammation and pocket reduction. Pricing is per quadrant (4 quandrants in mouth).

Conifer Dental Debridment

Full Mouth Debridment

A conservative treatment for early gum disease without anesthesia to remove the bulk of plaque, stain and tarter buildup to allow reduction of gum tissue inflammation for routine cleaning procedure to follow.

Conifer Dental Sealant


A decay / cavity prevention coating applied to molar and premolar teeth teeth.

Conifer Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

An in office procedure using the Sinsational Smiles bleaching system. Takes about 30 minutes.

Included with every visit...

  • Individualized oral hygiene instructions
  • Identification of oral treatment needs
  • Full mouth periodontal disease examination
  • Restorative needs screening
  • Patient education on periodontal disease classifications and treatments

Insurances Accepted

  • All insurance accepted
  • Delta Dental provider
  • Cigna provider
  • Medicaid provider
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